Jade Goody

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Jade Goody
Goody in May 2007
BornJade Cerisa Lorraine Goody
5 Juin 1981(1981-06-05)
Bermondsey, Lunnon, Ingland.
Dee'd22 Mairch 2009(2009-03-22) (aged 27)
Upshire, Essex, Ingland.
Cause o daith
Cervical cancer
Restin place
Epping Forest, Lunnon, Ingland.
Years active2002–2009
Hauf-marrae(s)Jack Tweed (2009; her death)[1]
Pairtner(s)Jeff Brazier (2002–04)
Ryan Amoo (2005)
PawrentsJackiey Budden
Andrew Goody

Jade Cerisa Lorraine Goody (5 Juin 1981 – 22 Mairch 2009)[2][3] wis a Inglis reality-telly personality. She entered the public spotlicht in the third series o the then-Channel 4 programme Big Brother in 2002, an appearance which led tae her awn TV programmes an the introduction o her products efter her eviction frae the shaw.[4][5]

In Januar 2007, Goody wis a hoosemate on Celebrity Big Brother 5.[6] Durin the shaw, she wis accuised o racially bullyin the Indie actress Shilpa Shetty.[7] Efter her eviction frae the shaw, she admittit that her actions wur wrang an made a nummer o public apologies.[6] In late 2007 an early 2008, polls indicatit that Goody wis vera unpopular wi the public.[8][9]

In August 2008 she appeared on the Indie version o Big Brother, Bigg Boss,[10] but left the shaw early an returned tae the UK efter she learned she haed cervical cancer.[11] Bi Februar 2009, the cancer haed metastasisit, an Goody wis terminally ill.[12][13] Goody marriet fellae Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jack Tweed on 22 Februar 2009,[14] an dee'd ane month later, in the early oors o 22 Mairch 2009, at the age o 27.[3] Sky Living broadcast five tribute shaws tae Goody frae 2009 tae 2012, documentin her life frae early bairnheid throu her rise tae fame an her feenal months. The last episode o Big Brother on Channel 4 featurt a 15-minute tribute tae Goody, praisin her as the ultimate Big Brother contestant. She appeared on the front kiver o the feenal edeetion o News of the World in Julie 2011.

Filmografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Programme Role Network
2002 Big Brother 3 Housemate Channel 4
What Jade Did Next Hersel Channel 4
2004 Back to Reality Housemate Channel 5
2005 Jade's Salon Hersel Sky Living
2006 Weakest Link Contestant BBC One
Just Jade Hersel Sky Living
Stars in Their Eyes Contestant (Winner) ITV
The Friday Night Project Presenter Channel 4
Jade's P.A Hersel Sky Living
2007 Celebrity Big Brother 5 Housemate Channel 4
You Can't Fire Me, I'm Famous Hersel BBC One
2008 Living with... Jade Hersel Sky Living
Bigg Boss 2 Housemate Colors
Jade's Progress Hersel Sky Living
2009 Jade: Bride to Be Hersel Sky Living
Jade's Wedding Hersel Sky Living
Jade: With Love Tribute shaw Sky Living
Jade: As Seen on TV Tribute shaw E4
2010 Jade: A Year Without Her Tribute shaw Sky Living
Ultimate Big Brother: The Final 15-minute tribute Channel 4
2011 Jade Changed My Life Tribute shaw Sky Living
2012 Jade Goody Saved My Life Tribute shaw Sky Living

Fitness DVDs[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Jade's All New Diet (wi Steve Kemsley, 2003)
  • Jade (wi Steve Kemsley, 2004)
  • Jade's Workout/ Workout with Helen – The "Girls" from Big Brother (wi Helen Adams, 2004)
  • The Big Brother Collection: Jade's Dance Workout, Dance Workout with Helen Adams and Latino Dance Workout with Nadia (2005)
  • Jade's Shape Challenge (2006)

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