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Jack Nicholson

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Jack Nicholson
Nicholson in 1976
BornJohn Joseph Nicholson
(1937-04-22) 22 Aprile 1937 (age 87)
Neptune City, New Jersey, Unitit States
ResidenceHollywood Hills, Californie
Alma materActors Studio
  • Actor
  • filmmaker
Years active1957–present
Hame tounNeptune City, New Jersey
Hauf-marrae(s)Sandra Knight (1962–1968)
Bairns6 (Jennifer Nicholson (1963), Caleb James Goddard (1970), Honey Hollman (1981), Lorraine Nicholson (1990), Ray Nicholson (1992))

John Joseph "Jack" Nicholson (born Aprile 22, 1937) is an American actor an filmmakker, wha haes performed for ower 60 years. Nicholson is kent for playin a wide range o starnin or supportin roles, includin satirical comedy, romance an daurk portrayals o antiheroes an psychopathic chairacters. In mony o his films, he haes played the "eternal ootsider, the sardonic drifter," someane wha rebels against the social structur.[1]

Nicholson's 12 Academy Awaird nominations mak him the maist nominatit male actor in the Academy's history. Nicholson haes wan the Academy Awaird for Best Actor twace, ane for the drama One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) an the ither for the romantic comedy As Good as It Gets (1997). He an aa wan the Academy Awaird for Best Supportin Actor for the comedy-drama Terms of Endearment (1983). Nicholson is ane o three male actors tae win three Academy Awairds.

Nicholson is ane o anerly twa actors tae be nominatit for an Academy Awaird for actin in ivery decade frae the 1960s tae the 2000s; the ither is Michael Caine. He haes wan sax Gowden Globe Awairds, an received the Kennedy Center Honor in 2001. In 1994, he becam ane o the youngest actors tae be awairdit the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Awaird.


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