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Ivanhoe is a novel bi Walter Scott. It wis set furth in 1819 an set in 12t-century Ingland, an ensample o historical fiction. Ivanhoe is whiles gied credit fer hulpin tae heize up popular intress in the middle eilds in 19t-century Europe an Americae.

The story is anent a Saxon knicht, Wilfred o Ivanhoe, ane o the hinmaist Saxons in the Inglis nobility, that's maistly Norman French at the time o the novel. Ithir chairacters include Robin Hood - the wey Scott wrate aboot him in this novel wis tae hae a muckle influence on hou fowk wis tae see this canty outlaw in later leeteratur an films.

The novel haes been adaptit monie times for televeision, wi sic actors as Roger Moore, Errol Flynn an Anthony Andrews playin the heid pairt.

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