Ittihad FC

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Al-Ittihad FC
Full nameAl-Ittihad Football Club of Jeddah
Foondit4 Januar 1927; 95 years ago (1927-01-04)
GroundKing Abdullah Sports City Stadium
Ground Capacity60,000
PresesIbrahem Albalwi
Head coachKhalid Al-Koroni
LeagueSaudi Professional League
2021/22SPL, 2d

Al-Ittihad Football Club (Arabic: نادي الاتحاد‎), kent as Al-Ittihad an aw, is a Saudi fitbaw club based in Jeddah. Al-Ittihad haes wan aicht League titles an haulds 46 offeecial championship wins an aw, three o them bein Asie championships.

The club wis foondit in 1927 an is the auldest club in Saudi Arabie. The maist successful period in Al-Ittihad's history wis the 1990s an mid '00s, when the club wan numerous honours baith domestically an in Asie. The team wan consecutive Champions League titles in 2004 an 2005. Goin on tae compete in the 2005 FIFA Club Warld Cup. The club haes the distinction o bein the anerly Asie club tae hae wan the AFC Champions League twice in a row.

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1The tournament was held on 25 February 1933.