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Irish Cup

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Irish Cup
Organisin boukIrish Football Association
RegionNorthren Ireland Northren Ireland (syne 1921)
Ireland Ireland (1881–1921)
Nummer o teams128 (2021–22)
Internaitional cup(s)UEFA Europa Conference League
Current championsCrusaders (2021–22)
Maist successfu club(s)Linfield (44 title)
Televeesion braidcastersBBC Sport (highlights & 3 live gemmes includin final)
WabsteidIrish Cup

The Irish Football Association Challenge Cup, kent as the Irish Cup (alsae kent as the Samuel Gelston's Whiskey Irish Cup), is a fitba knockoot cup competeition in Northren Ireland. Foondit in 1881, it is the fowert auldest national cup compteition i the warld. Afore the breakaway fae the Erse Futba Association bi clubs fae whit wud the be future Erse Free State i 1921, the Irish Cup wis the national cup competeition fur the island o Ireland.

Syne 30 November 2021, the cup haes been sponsorit bi Samuel Gelston's Irish Whiskey. It wis sponsorit bi Nationwide Building Society, Bass Ireland Ltd, JJB Sports, Tennent's Lager an Sadler's Peaky Blinder. 126 clubs wur i the 2018–19 competeition.

Crusaders are the current champions, efter thay defeatit Ballymena United 2–1 i the 2022 final tae win the competeition fur a 5th time.