Internaitional Cheenese Leid Program

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Internaitional Cheenese Leid Program
Seal of the National Taiwan University
Location Taipei City, Taiwan, Republic o Cheenae
25°00′58″N 121°32′10″E / 25.016°N 121.536°E / 25.016; 121.536Coordinates: 25°00′58″N 121°32′10″E / 25.016°N 121.536°E / 25.016; 121.536
Colours Maroon and gowd         [1]
Affiliations National Taiwan University

Thae Internaitional Cheenese Leid Program (ICLP; Cheenese: 國際華語研習所) is a schuil for intensive trainin' in formal Mandarin, Taiwanese, Classical Cheenese, and other vawrieties of Cheenese. It is located in Gongguan, Taipei, on the main campus of Naitional Taiwan University (NTU).[2][3]

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