In the Lonely Hour

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In the Lonely Hour
Studio album by Sam Smith
Released26 May 2014
Sam Smith chronology
In the Lonely Hour
Singles frae In the Lonely Hour
  1. "Lay Me Down"
    Released: 15 February 2013
  2. "Money on My Mind"
    Released: 12 February 2014
  3. "Stay with Me"
    Released: 14 April 2014
  4. "I'm Not the Only One"
    Released: 31 August 2014
  5. "Like I Can"
    Released: 5 December 2014

In the Lonely Hour is the debut studio album bi Inglis sangster-sangwriter Sam Smith. It wis released in the Unitit Kinrick on 26 Mey 2014 via Capitol Records an Method Records. In the Unitit States, it wis released on 17 Juin 2014. The album includes the hit singles "Money on My Mind" an "Stay with Me", baith o which wur nummer ane in the UK; the latter becomin a hit warldwide, peakin in the tap ten in ower ten kintras, includin reaching nummer twa in the US. The album's third hit single, "I'm Not the Only One", reached nummer three in the UK an nummer five in the US. A deluxe edeetion o the album conteens five bonus tracks, includin a solo acoustic version o Disclosure's single "Latch" an Naughty Boy's nummer-ane single "La La La".

Upon its release, In the Lonely Hour receivit mixed tae positive reviews frae muisic creetics, who heichly praisit Smith's vocal ability but creeticisit the muisic for bein too conventional. The album wis a commercial success warldwide; peakin at nummer ane in the Unitit Kinrick, New Zealand an Swaden, an nummer twa in Australie, Canadae, Denmark, Ireland, Norawa an the Unitit States. For the 57t Grammy Awards, it is nominatit for Album o the Year an Best Pop Vocal Album. It wis the seicont best-sellin album o 2014 in the UK, an the third best-sellin in the US.

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