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Approximate aurie settled bi Illyrians in antiquity.

In classical antiquity, Illyria (Ancient Greek: Ἰλλυρία or Ἰλλυρίς,[1] Laitin: Illyria,[2] see an aa Illyricum) wis a region in the wastren pairt o the Balkan Peninsula inhabitit bi the Illyrians.

The prehistory o Illyria an the Illyrians is kent frae archaeological evidence. The Romans conquered the region in 168 BC in the eftermath o the Illyrian Wars. "Illyria" is thus a designation o a roughly defined region o the wastren Balkans as seen frae a Roman perspective, juist as Magna Germania is a rough geographic term nae delineatit bi ony lingueestic or ethnic unity.

The term Illyris is sometimes uised tae define an aurie (nou in modren Albanie) north o the Aous valley such as Illyris Graeca.[3]

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