Hwang Kyo-ahn

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This is a Korean name; the faimily name is Hwang.
Hwang Kyo-ahn
Hwang Kyo-ahn December 2016.jpg
44t Prime Meenister o Sooth Korea
In office
18 Juin 2015 – 11 Mey 2017
Preses Park Geun-hye
Himsel (Actin)
Moon Jae-in
Precedit bi Choi Kyoung-hwan (Actin)
Succeedit bi Yoo Il-ho (Actin)
Preses o Sooth Korea
In office
10 Mairch 2017 – 10 Mey 2017
Actin for Park Geun-hye: 9 December 2016 – 10 Mairch 2017
Precedit bi Park Geun-hye
Succeedit bi Moon Jae-in
Meenister o Justice
In office
11 Mairch 2013 – 18 Juin 2015
Precedit bi Gwon Jae-jin
Succeedit bi Kim Ju-hyeon (Acting)
Personal details
Born (1957-04-15) 15 Aprile 1957 (age 62)
Seoul, Sooth Korea
Poleetical pairty Independent
Spoose(s) Choi Ji-young
Bairns 2
Residence Blue Hoose
Alma mater Sungkyunkwan Varsity
Religion Baptist[1]

Hwang Kyo-ahn (Korean: 황교안, Hanja: 黃敎安, RR: Hwang Gyo-an; born 15 Aprile 1957) is a Sooth Korean lawyer an is the Actin Preses o Sooth Korea haein continued in that role follaein the impeachment an remuival o Preses Park Geun-hye bi the Constitutional Coort o Korea on 10 Mairch 2017. He haed already taken ower Park's presidential pouers an duties on 9 December 2016 when impeachment proceedin war launched against her bi the Naitional Assembly an she wis suspendit frae the pouers an duties o the office.[2] Hwang Kyo-ahn wis an aa the Prime Meenister o Sooth Korea frae Juin 2015 tae Mey 2017, haein previously served as Juistice Meenister.

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