Hurricane Bawbag

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Hurricane Bawbag
Scotland storm 8 December 2011.jpg
Hurricane Bawbag strikin the Breetish Isles
TeepEuropean windstorm, extratropical cyclone
Formed7 December 2011
Dissipatit13 December 2011
Lawest pressur956 mb (28.2 inHg)
Heichest winds
Heichest gust165 mph (265 km/h) at Cairngorm Summit
Auries affectitBreetish Isles, Scandinavie

Hurricane Bawbag wis an intense extratropical cyclone, alsae kent bi the name Friedhelm,[1] which brocht hurricane-force winds tae Scotland at the beginnin o December 2011. The storm brocht prolanged gells an rochle seas tae the rest o the Breetish Isles, as well as pairts o Scandinavie. On 8 December, winds reached up tae 165 mph (265 km/h) at elevatit auries, wi susteened wind speeds o up tae 80 mph (135 km/h) reportit athort populous auries. The winds upruitit trees an resultit in the closur o mony roads, brigs, schuils an businesses. Oweraw, the storm wis the worst tae affect Scotland in 10 years,[2] tho a stranger storm occurred less nor a month efterwairds, on 3 Januar 2012.[3]

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