Hunterston B nuclear pouer station

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Hunterston B nuclear power station
Hunterston B nuclear power station.jpg
The Hunterston B AGR reactor biggin.
Offeecial nameHunterston B
LocationNorth Ayrshire
Coordinates55°43′20″N 4°53′24″W / 55.72209°N 4.89009°W / 55.72209; -4.89009Coordinates: 55°43′20″N 4°53′24″W / 55.72209°N 4.89009°W / 55.72209; -4.89009
Construction began1968
Commission date1976
Ainer(s)EDF Energy
Operator(s)EDF Energy
Nuclear pouer station
Reactor typeAGR
Reactor supplierTNPG
Pouer generation
Primary fuelNuclear
Units operational2 x 1,500MWth (but see note)[1]
Nameplate capacity1,320MWe (but see note)[1]
grid reference NS183514

Hunterston B Pouer Station is a nuclear pouer station in North Ayrshire, Scotland. It is locatit aboot 6 miles (9 km) sooth o Largs an aboot 2.5 miles (4 km) north-wast o Wast Kilbride.

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