Human richts in Turkey

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Mural depicting human richts in Turkey. The leetit richts are: consumption richts, The richt o a clean environment, the richt tae obtain information, the richt tae life, votin richts, the richt tae education, freedom o thought, richt tae health, equality, habeas corpus.

Human richts in Turkey are theoretically protectit bu a variety o internaitional law treaties, which take precedence ower domestic legislation, accordin tae Airticle 90 o the 1982 Constitution.

The issue of human richts is o hie importance for the negotiations wi the European Union (EU). Acute human richts issues include in particular the status o Kurds in Turkey. The conflict wi the PKK, a militant guerrilla group, haes caused numerous human richts violations ower the years. There is an ongoin debate in the kintra on the richt tae life, tortur, freedom o expression as well as freedoms o releegion, assembly an association.