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Finland participates in internaitional co-operation for the protection o peace an human richts an for the development o society.

Constitution o Finland, Section 1[1]

Human richts in Finland are protectit bi the constitution an extensive domestic safeguards, in addition tae the kintra's active membership in maist internaitional human richts treaties.

Auries o continuing interest tae internaitional agencies that monitor human richts include:

  1. Conscientious objectors tae baith military an civilian service are jailed for sax months. There are aboot 10-20 conscientious objectors ivery year. Maist are in minimum security, open facilities, an objectin is no entered on criminal records.
  2. Chairges o racist/xenophobic treatment o ethnic minorities bi offeecials, an that refugees are hand-picked bi the Meenistry o the Interior on basis o kintra o oreegin citin "security reasons".
  3. A case in which agitatit asylum seekers wur drugged for deportation.[2]
  4. No fair court action in the licht o unacceptably delayed verdicts, in breach wi the European Convention on Human Richts article 6§1. Handling time have been unacceptably long particularly in civil cases or criminal court cases relating to bankruptcy, e.g. eight years in the district court and 12 years in total.[3][4]

Mandatory options o civilian or military service wur of unequal duration: civilian service 13 months, or ane month langer than the langest conscript service (conscript officers an underofficers an certain specialists such as certain vehicle operators), 12 months, an 5 months langer than the average service in airmy, 8 months. Rebuttal o criticism o the length o civilian service aften point oot that whereas conscripts are aften on duty aroond the clock (especially in the field), civilian servicemen aften ae wirk durin office hours. Housomeivver, an act enactit in 2008 chynged civilian service tae 12 months. Some 25% o conscripts serve 12 months, wi the lairge majority servin 6 months.[5]

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