Human penis

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Human penis
Penis with Labels.jpg
A flaccid penis wi labels shawin the locations o the shaft, foreskin, glans an meatus. The model haes removed body hair.
Precursor Genital tubercle, Urogenital folds
Artery Dorsal artery o the penis, deep artery o the penis, artery o the urethral bulb
Vein Dorsal veins o the penis
Nerve Dorsal nerve o the penis
Lymph Superficial inguinal lymph nodes
Laitin 'penis, penes'
MeSH A05.360.444.492
TA A09.4.01.001
FMA 9707
Anatomical terminology

The human penis is a freemit male intromittent organ that additionally serves as the urinal duct. The main parts are the ruit (radix); the body (corpus); an the epithelium o the penis includin the shaft skin an the foreskin coverin the glans penis.