House of Blood murthers

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Edith McAlinden (b. 1968) is a Scots murtheress who, alang wi her teenage son John McAlinden an his friend Jamie Gray, wis involvit in a triple murther dubbit The Hoose Of Blood killins in Croashull, Glesga, Scotland on 17 October 2004.

McAlinden wis a convictit robber, prostitute, an hameless drifter who wis released fae preeson on 16 October 2004 efter feenishin a nine-month sentence for serious assault. On her release frae preeson, McAlinden went tae the flat o 67-year-auld Ian Mitchell an 71-year-auld Anthony Coyle, whare her boyfriend David Gillespie wis livin. Efter a drinkin session an argument eruptit an McAlinden murthert David Gillespie bi plungin a knife twice intae his thigh, slicin throu his femoral vein, causin him tae rapidly bleed tae daith. McAlinden then telephoned her son, John, who arrivit wi his friend Jamie Gray tae help dispose o the body.

Realisin that Mitchell an Coyle wur witnesses tae the murther o Gillespie, John McAlinden stabbit Ian Mitchell tae daith an kicked him sae violently aroond the heid that his brain wis bleedin. Bi this time Coyle haed lockit hissel in a bedroom. Uisin a drill, the boys opened the door an efter beatin the pensioner, Gray smashed his skull wi a gowf club, an Coyle dee'd. Efter the murthers boilin watter wis poured on the victims in an attempt tae see if thay wur still alive.

Edith McAlinden pleadit guilty tae the murther o David Gillespie an wis sentencit tae life impreesonment on 29 Juin 2005. She wis tauld she wad spend at least thirteen years in preeson. Her son John an Grey wur baith sentencit tae twal years in preeson.

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