Horn, Rutland

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Horn is a ceevil parish in the coonty o Rutland in the East Midlands of Ingland. In 2001 it haed a population o 9. The parish is pairt o the Exton Hall estate o the Earls o Gainsborough.[1]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The veelage o Horn wis mentioned in the Domesday survey, as 'Twa hides in Horn o which Langfer haed been tenant unner Edward the Confessor wur held o the keeng bi the Bishop o Durham'.[1]

In 1287, Richard son o Richard de Seyton haed a manor hoose at Horne an in 1378 Sir John Seyton haed his caipital messuage here, although the manor wis reportedly valueless in 1376. The land wis turned frae arable tae pastur, which haes been suggestit as the cause o depopulation.[2]

There haed been a kirk, dedicatit tae Aw Saunts, but it too fell intae disrepair an new rectors wur instawed unner a thorn tree in 1471, an till the last appointment in 1809.[1][2]

Horn is pairt o the Alstoe hunder o Rutland.[1]

Proximity tae the parish meant that the Battle o Losecoat Field durin the War o the Roses wis ance cried the Battle o Hornfield.

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Coordinates: 52°41′49″N 0°35′28″W / 52.697°N 0.591°W / 52.697; -0.591