Honda XRM

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Honda XRM 125
Honda XRM 125 RS
Honda XRM 3nity 125 Off Road

The Honda XRM is an unnerbone-style motorbike that is produced an sauld in the Philippines. It is cawed Nice in Thailand but no an Aff-Road type[1]. Since 2001, the Honda XRM haes been released wi a 110 cc ingine, but 2007 haes seen the release o the Honda XRM 125 cc which uises the ingine frae the Honda Wave. It is designed for baith on- an aff-road uise.

Ease o modification an readily-available pairts an accessories hae made the Honda XRM popular, particularly wi unnerbone ridin cultur, wi numerous rider clubs being formed athort the kintra. Unfortunately, these modifications (especially tae the handlebars an wheels) coud pose dangers, as they are no specifically includit in the product's ingineerin, an aften defeat the "Dual-Sport" nature o the motorbike.

The Honda Bravo is a derivative o the Honda XRM designed for ceety uise, but it carries the same frame that is uised bi NF100 (Wave100 - baith models) no the frame o the XRM.

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