Hipódromo (Asunción)

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Hipódromo is a barrio (neebourheid) o Asunción, the caipital o Paraguay. It's a relatively new neebourheid wi a 8,348 indwellers bidin thar, an provides ane o the biggest green auries in Asunción. The name coms frae the Spainyie meanin o the wird Hippodrome, whilka staunds for "horse race track". This is acause the lairgest horse race track in Paraguay, the Paraguayan Jockey Club, lees in this barrio.

The name o the streets generally cairy the name o characteristic trees frae the Paraguayan kintraside (such as Yvyrapytá, Quebracho an Paraíso) or the name o native tribes o Sooth Americae (Carios, Guaraníes an Incas).

This barrio is hame o a lairge number o open areas o recreational uises such as smaw pairks an plazas. Besides haein the Jockey Club ither important institutions reside in Hipódromo, for exaumple as the Institute o Superior Teachin (Instituto Superior de Enseñanza), the Naitional Schuil o Physical Education (Escuela Nacional de Educación Física), Naitional Sports Council (Consejo Nacional de Deportes) an the Paraguayan Tennis Association (Asociación Paraguaya de Tenis).

Ane o the maist particular steids o this barrio is the "Champions Veelage" section. The residents o this veelage are the umwhile players o the Paraguay weemen's naitional basketbaw team that wan the 1952 an 1962 Weemen's Sooth American Championships. The veelage wis biggit in the early 1970s when then Preses Alfredo Stroessner recognisit the merit o the players bi biggin thaim hooses.