Hinkley Point C nuclear pouer station

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Hinkley Point C nuclear pouer station
The headland at Hinkley Point with the current power stations visible in the background
KintraEngland, United Kingdom
LocationSomerset, South West England
Coordinates51°12′32″N 3°07′37″W / 51.209°N 3.127°W / 51.209; -3.127Coordinates: 51°12′32″N 3°07′37″W / 51.209°N 3.127°W / 51.209; -3.127
StatusPreparation work[1][2]
Construction cost£19.6bn to £20.3bn[3][4]
Awner(s)EDF Energy
Operator(s)Expected NNB Generation Company
Pouer generation
Mak an modelEPR
Units planned2 × 1630 MWe
Nameplate capacity3260 MWe (planned)
Thermal capacity2 × 4524 MWth (planned)

Hinkley Point C nuclear pouer station (HPC) is a project tae big a 3,200 MWe nuclear pouer station wi twa EPR reactors in Somerset, Ingland.[5] The proposed site is ane o aicht annoonced bi the Breetish govrenment in 2010,[6] an in November 2012 a nuclear site licence wis granted. On 28 Julie 2016 the EDF buird approved the project, an on 15 September 2016 the UK govrenment approved the project wi some safeguards for the investment. The plant, which haes a projected lifetime o sixty years, haes an estimatit construction cost o atween £19.6 billion an £20.3 billion.[3][4] The UK Naitional Audit Office estimates the additional cost tae consumers (abuin the estimatit mercat price o electricity) unner the "strike price" will be £50 billion.[7] Financing o the project is still tae be finalised, but the construction costs will be peyed for bi the mainly state-owned EDF o Fraunce an state-owned CGN o China.[8]

Hinkley haes faced ongoing criticism, an calls hae been made for the project tae be completely halted.[9] Accordin tae December 2017 estimates, Hinkley is bein biggit for £20.3bn bi 2025, tae be peyed ower a 35 year period.[10] It wis reportit that twa firms coud already big wind turbines for £57.50 per megawatt oor for 2022-23, while Hinkley's costs wad mean £92.50 per megawatt oor, nae generated until at least twa years later.[11]

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