Hinkley Point A nuclear pouer station

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Hinkley Point A nuclear pouer station
Hinkley Point A Power Station - geograph.org.uk - 1951616.jpg
Hinkley Point A twin bigginss hoosin the Magnox reactors
LocationHinkley Point, Somerset, Sooth Wast Ingland
Coordinates51°12′31″N 3°08′01″W / 51.208739°N 3.133743°W / 51.208739; -3.133743Coordinates: 51°12′31″N 3°08′01″W / 51.208739°N 3.133743°W / 51.208739; -3.133743
Construction began1957
Commission date1965
Decommission date2000
Ainer(s)Central Electricity Generating Board
Nuclear Electric
Magnox Electric
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
Operator(s)Magnox Ltd
Pouer generation
Mak an modelEnglish Electric
Units decommissioned2 x 250 MWe (Net. 235 MWe) [1]
Nameplate capacity500 MWe
Thermal capacity2 x 960 MWt (Gross)
Annual generation3,261 GW·h (1994)
grid reference ST211460

Hinkley Point A nuclear pouer station is a decommissioned Magnox nuclear pouer station located on a 19.4 hectares (48 acres) site in Somerset on the Bristol Channel coast, 5 miles (8 km) west o the River Parrett estuary.

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