Henry John Dobson

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Henry John Dobson ARCA RSW (1858–1928) wis a 19th/20th century Scottish airtist. He is best kennt fur his 1893 portrait of Keir Hardie. He wis born in Innerleithen in Peeblesshire in 1858, th' son o' Thomas Dobson, a wool merchant. [1]

A Scottish Sacrament by Henry John Dobson

He trained at the Schuil o' Design an the Royal Institution in Edinburgh.

In the 1890s he wis living in Bradford.

In 1911 he hud studios at 108 George Street in Edinburgh's New Toun 'n' leed at 12 Leven Terrace in the Bruntsfield district.

He died oan 5 July 1928 an is buriet in Liberton Cemetery in Edinburgh. The heidstane lies against the east dyke o the North Cemetery, midway alang its length.

His full length portrait by his son, Cowan Dobson (1898–1980), is held by the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.

He biggit a studio in St John's Toun o Dalry whilk is noo the public library. He wis the faither o the airtists David Cowan Dobson and Henry Raeburn Dobson. [2]

Former studio o Henry John Dobson noo the Public Library, St John's Toun o Dalry.

Kennt Wirks[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Old Lady Spinning - Stranraer Museum
  • The Light of Home - Stewartry Museum
  • The Crofter's Grace (1894)
  • George Hamilton (1855-1835) - Glasgow Museums Resource Centre
  • Mrs Hamilton (1899)
  • Keir Hardie - Scottish National Portrait Gallery
  • Keir Hardie in 1892 - Parliamentary Art Collection
  • Granny's Blessing - Bradford Industrial Museum
  • Mending the Bird's Cage (1907)
  • Dr Livingstone Teaching the Natives
  • Burns' Grace
  • The Rt Hon Edward Herbert, 3rd Earl of Powis
  • A Scottish Sacrament
  • Cottage Interior with a Young Girl
  • Burns' Wooing
  • Busy Guidwife
  • Mother Hen
  • The Evening Chapter
  • John Anderson My Jo
  • Fireside Crack
  • Granddad's Favourite
  • The Evening Lesson
  • Peeling Tatties

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