Henery II, Duke o Guise

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Henery II., Duke o Guise (* 4 Aprile 1614; † 2 Juin 1664) wis the first Airchbeeshop o Reims. Takin again the Naples familial pretentions, he teuk place tae Masaniello riot in 1647. He governs in this time the Royal Republic o Naiples, unner French protectorat, but the loss o supply o Mazarin mak Naipolitans hatin him. Spanish fowks attack again, destruct the Republic an imprison Henery, wha'll keep bein prisoner frae 1648 tae 1652. He'll tempt tae anew the Naipolitan campain in 1654, bat will nae win, becaus o the Inglis fleet leadit bi Robert Blake that wis alreidy thar.

Wark[eedit | eedit soorce]

  •  »Mémoires« (2 Volumms, 1668)