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Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge

Wikipaedia is a wiki, meanin that onyane can eedit ony unpertectit page an improve airticles immediately for aw readers. Ye dae nae need tae register tae dae this. Onyane who haes eeditit is kent as a "Wikipaedian" an, no matter hou trivial the eedit mey seem, can be proud that he or she haes helped mak Wikipaedia whit it is. Aw o these eedits add up! Wikipaedia uises twa methods o eeditin: the new VisualEditor (VE), an classic eeditin through wiki markup (wikitext). The explanations on this page deal wi wikitext eeditin (the method maist uised). For instructions on uisin VisualEditor see the VisualEditor uiser guide.

Some pages are pertectit frae eeditin. These pages are denotit bi a lock icon on the tap richt o the page an hae a View soorce tab instead o an Eedit tab. Ye can still eedit these pages indirectly, bi submittin an "eedit request" – an eeditor wi the ability tae eedit the pertectit page will respond tae yer request. Ye can submit a request bi clickin on the View soorce tab on that page an uising the "Submit an eedit request" link at the bottom richt.

Note: Ye can uise the saundbox tae experiment wi page eeditin.