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Helle Meri (born on 14 Mairch 1949), widae o Lennart Meri, is an Estonie actress who servit as the First Lady o Estonie[1] frae 1992 tae 2001 an aw.

Helle Meri (née Pihlak) wis born in the smaw toun o Rapla whaur she went tae schuil an aw. In her spare time she actively pairticipatit in different sports an played basketbaa.

Efter seicontar schuil, she went on tae study at the Stage Schuil o Tallinn Conservatory. Afore servin as the First Lady, she played in the Estonie Drama Theatre frae 1972 up till 1992 when Lennart Meri became the Estonie Embassador tae Finland prior tae his nine years o presidency. The couple got marriet in 1992 when her actin career came tae an end.

In theatre, Helle Pihlak haed roles in numerous classical pieces tae a guid creetical acclaim, includin the pieces bi Estonie classics like August Kitzberg, Anton Hansen Tammsaare, Jaan Kross an Jaan Kruusvall amang mony. She haed roles in musicals an aw, in childer's plays an in film.

Prior tae her marriage wi Lennart Meri, Helle Pihlak wis in a lang-term relationship wi componer Eino Tamberg. Helle Meri haes ane dochter, Tuule Meri (born in 1985).

Helle Meri is the patron o the Estonie SOS Children's Village in Keila.

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