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Hearin loss

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Hearin loss
Synonymshaurd o hearin; anakusis or anacusis is tot deifness[1]
A stylised white ear, wi twa white bars surroondin it, on a blue backgrund.
The internaitional seembol o deafness an hearin loss
Clessification an freemit resoorces
Specialtyotorhinolaryngology, audiology

Hearin loss, forby kent as hearin impairment, is a pairtial or tot inabeelity tae hear.[2] A deif person haes little tae na hearin.[3] Hearin loss mey occur in ane or baith lugs.[3] In bairns hearin problems can affect the ability tae learn spoken leid an in adults it can cause wark relatit difficulties.[4] In some fowk, pairteecularly aulder fowk, hearin loss can result in laneliness.[3] Hearin loss can be temporary or permanent.

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