Hauraki Destrict

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Hauraki Destrict
Name Hauraki
Population 17,193
Extent Hauraki Gulf to Waihi;

Firth of Thames tae Bay of Plenty

The Hauraki Destrict Cooncil is a municipality in the Waikato Region o New Zealand. The seat o the cooncil is at Paeroa.

The aurie covered bi the destrict extends frae the soothwast corner o the Firth of Thames sootheast towards Te Aroha, although that toun lees ayont its boondaries. It extends eastwairds tae the Bay of Plenty coast, taking in the soothmaist pairt o the Coromandel Peninsulae. The rest o the peninsulae is pairt o the Thames-Coromandel destrict.

Featurs o the district include the Karangahake Gorge, Whiritoa, the Hauraki Plains, an the gowd minin toun o Waihi. The toun o Ngatea is in the destrict an aw.

The destrict covers 1144 km², an haes a population o 17,193 (2006 census), o whom 3975 live in Paeroa an 4500 live in Waihi.

The current Mayor is John Tregidga an Deputy Mayor is Bruce Gordon.

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