Gyude Bryant

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Gyude Bryant
Gyude Bryant.jpg
Gyude Bryant
Chairman o the Transitional Government of Liberia
In office
14 October 2003 – 16 Januar 2006
Precedit bi Moses Blah
Succeedit bi Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Personal details
Born 17 Januar 1949(1949-01-17)
Dee'd 16 Apryle 2014(2014-04-16) (aged 65)
Monrovia, Liberie
Naitionality Liberie
Poleetical pairty Liberie Action Pairty

Charles Gyude Bryant (17 Januar 194916 Aprile 2014) wis a Liberie poleetician an businessfowk. He wis the Chairman o the Transitional Govrenment o Liberia. He servit as chairman frae 2003 tae 2006. He wis a member o the Liberie Action Pairty.

Bryant deit at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia, aged 65.[1]

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