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Great Pyramid o Giza

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The Great Pyramid o Giza, in 2005. Biggit c. 2560 B.C., it is the auldest and lairgest o the three pyramids in Giza.

The Great Pyramid o Giza, also cried Khufu's Pyramid or the Pyramid o Khufu, an Pyramid of Cheops, is the auldest an maist muckle o the three pyramids in Giza mairchin whit is nou Cairo, Egypt, an is the anely remainin member o the Seeven Ferlies o the Auncient Warld. It is believed the pyramid wis biggit as a tomb for Fowert dynasty Egyptian Keeng Khufu (Cheops in Greek) an constructed ower a twinty year period concludin aroond 2560 BC. The Great Pyramid wis the tallest man-makkit wark in the warld for ower 3,800 year. Oreeginally the Great Pyramid wis happit bi casin stanes that makkit a glazie ooter surface, an whit is seen the day is the unnerlyin core structure. Some o the casin stanes that ance happit the structure can still be seen aroond the base. Thar hae been varyin scienteefic an alternative theorees regardin the Great Pyramid's biggit techniques. Maist accepted construction theorees are based on the thocht that it wis biggit bi muivin whappen stanes fae a quarry an ruggin and hoisin them intae place.

Coordinates: 29°58′45.03″N 31°08′03.69″E / 29.9791750°N 31.1343583°E / 29.9791750; 31.1343583