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Graphical uiser interface

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The graphical uiser interface is presentit (displayed) on the computer screen. It is the result o processed uiser input an uisually the primary interface for human-machine interaction. The touch uiser interfaces popular on smaa mobile devices are an owerlay o the visual ootput tae the veesual input.

In computin, graphical uiser interface (GUI,[1] sometimes pronoonced 'gooey')[2] is a type o uiser interface that allaes uisers tae interact wi electronic devices through graphical icons an veesual indicators such as seicontary notation, as opponed tae text-based interfaces, typed command labels or text navigation. GUIs wur introduced in reaction tae the perceived steep learnin curve o command-line interfaces (CLI),[3][4][4] which require commands tae be typed on the keyboard.

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