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The mass o this pen cap is aboot 1 gram
The mass o this pen cap is aboot 1 gram
Unit information
Unit seestem: SI derived unit
Unit o... Mass
Seembol: g
Unit conversions
1 g in... is equal tae...
   SI base units    10-3 kilograms
   CGS units    1 gram
   U.S. customary    0.0353 unces

The gram (alternative Breetish Inglis spellin: gramme;[1] SI unit seembol: g) (Greek/Laitin ruit grámma) is a metric seestem unit o mass.

Oreeginally defined as "the absolute wicht o a volume o pure watter equal tae the cube o the hundrit pairt o a metre, an at the temperatur o meltin ice"[2] (later 4 °C), a gram is nou defined as ane ane-thoosandt o the SI base unit, the kilogram, or 1×10−3 kg, which itself is defined as bein equal tae the mass o a pheesical prototype preserved bi the Internaitional Bureau o Wichts an Measurs.

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