Gone with the Wind (film)

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Gone with the Wind
A film poster shawin a man an a woman in a passionate embrace.
Theatrical pre-release poster
Directit bi
Produced bi David O. Selznick
Screenplay bi
Based on Gone with the Wind
bi Margaret Mitchell
Muisic bi Max Steiner
Eeditit bi
  • Hal C. Kern
  • James E. Newcom
Distributit bi Loew's, Inc.
Release date
  • December 15, 1939 (1939-12-15) (Atlanta premiere)
Runnin time
Kintra Unitit States
Leid Inglis
Budget $3.85 million
Box office $390 million

Gone with the Wind is a 1939 American epic historical romance film adaptit frae Margaret Mitchell's Pulitzer-winnin 1936 novel an producit bi David O. Selznick, o Selznick International Pictures. Set in the 19t-century American Sooth, the film tells the story o Scarlett O'Hara, played bi Vivien Leigh, an her romantic pursuit o Ashley Wilkes (Leslie Howard) who is mairit tae his cousin, Melanie Hamilton (Olivia de Havilland), an her marriage tae Rhett Butler (Clark Gable). Set against the backdrop o the American Ceevil War an Reconstruction era, the story is tauld frae the perspective o white Sootherners.