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Goguryeo or Koguryŏ (Korean pronunciation: [koɡuɾjʌ]) wis an ancient Korean kinrick locatit in present day northren an central pairts o the Korean Peninsula, soothren Manchuria, an soothren Roushie Maritime province.

Alang wi Baekje an Silla, Goguryeo wis ane o the Three Kinricks o Korea. Goguryeo wis an active participant in the pouer struggle for control o the Korean peninsula as well as associatit wi the foreign affairs o peer polities in Cheenae an Japan.

The Samguk Sagi, a 12t century CE Goryeo text, indicates that Goguryeo wis foondit in 37 BCE bi Jumong, a prince frae Buyeo, although there is archaeological an textual evidence that suggests Goguryeo cultur wis in existence since the 2nt century BCE aroond the fall o Gojoseon, an earlier kinrick that an aa occupied southren Manchurie an northren Korea.

Goguryeo wis a major dynasty in Northeast Asie till it wis defeatit bi a Silla-Tang alliance in 668 CE. Efter its defeat, its territory wis dividit amang the Tang Dynasty, Unified Silla an Balhae.

The Inglis wird "Korea" derives frae "Goryeo", which in turn wis named efter Goguryeo.