Glossary o rail transport terms

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Rail terminology is a form o technical terminology. The difference atween the American term railroad an the internaitional term railway (uised bi the Internaitional Union o Railways an Inglis-speakin countries ootside the United States) is the maist significant difference in rail terminology. Thare are an aw others, due tae the parallel development o rail transport seestems in different pairts o the warld.

Various global terms are presented here; whaur a term haes multiple names, this is indicated. The abbreviation "UIC" refers tae standard terms adoptit bi the Internaitional Union o Railways in its offeecial publications an thesaurus.

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Hivy rail
Inglis, Heavy rail. In the Unitit Kinrick, heavy rail refers to conventional railweys forming part of the national network, including commuter, intercity, high-speed rail, rural and freight services, as distinct from metro, light rail and tram lines, people movers and similar.

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Overhead Line Equipment. An owerheid line supplying current to electric trains or trams.