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Gentbrugge athin Ghent

Gentbrugge is ane o 25 destricts ("wijken") o the ceety o Ghent, Belgium in the Flemish Region o Belgium. Gentbrugge thegither wi Oud Gentbrugge haed been a separate municipality afore Januar 1, 1977, when it fused wi Ghent.

Neighborhuids[eedit | eedit soorce]

The destrict o Gentbrugge itsel haes been dividit in fower neighborhuids: Dries, Sportplein, Coninxdonk an the rural aurie Zwarte Fles wi a population o 3417, 3653, 268 an 6 respectively in 2008.[1]

Demographic facts[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Atween 1999 an 2008 the population grew bi 2,1% as compared tae 7,1 for Ghent entirely
  • The average age is 42,9
  • The nummer o non-Belgian indwallers is wi 3,7% lawer than the average o Ghent (10,01%)

Gentbrugse Meersen[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Gentbrugse meersen is a rural aurie o 270ha surroondit bi urbanized Gentbrugge tae the Wast, the Scheldt river in the East an pairtit in the middle bi the E17 freeway. It is bein developed bi the Ceety o Ghent tae an aurie for natur development/conservation an recreation.

Places o interest[eedit | eedit soorce]

Touer Castle Vilain
  • Rattendaelepark. Historical parc, nou for recreational uise. Frae the Castle Vilain named efter its first awner Albijn Vilain (1619) anerlie a touer remains.
  • The water touer, visible when enterin Ghent bi the E17 heich-gate frae Antwerp. Oreeginally frae 1937 an colorfully repaintit in 1990 bi the Ghent airtist Chris Demangel.
  • Gentbrugge hosts the stadium o the Belgian first league fitbaa club, KAA Gent, an aa kent as La Gantoise.
  • The St. Eligius Kirk near the Brusselsesteenweg. Oreeginally neo-gothic frae 1884, but expandit in airt-deco style in 1937 bi the airchitect W. Vandenbogaerde.[2]
  • The castle Coninxdonck, biggit in the 19t century tae replace a medieval castle
  • The Admeenistrative Center. An example o 60ties functionalism designed bi the Belgian airchitect Paul Felix in 1973.

Sports[eedit | eedit soorce]

Gentbrugge haes the stadium (Jules Ottenstadion) o the First Class-team KAA Gent, an aa kent as La Gantoise. Besides the stadium are some tennis courts o a team which is an aa cried La Gantoise, besides the hockey team.

Thare's an aa anither fitbaa team in Ghent, which played its gemmes in the Emanuel Hielstadium. This team wis creautit on the 1. Apryle 1899 when the teams Athletic Club Gantois, Sport Pédestre Gantois an Football Club Gantois merged an became member o the UBSSA as Racing Club de Gand. In the period afore 2010 this team haes changed its name efter some later developments intae KRC-Gent-Zeehaven an it plays its matches in Oostakker. The fields in Gentbrugge hae accommodated athletics frae 2010 in order tae gie a suitable training field tae the Racing Club Gent for Athletics.

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