Gary Glitter

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Gary Glitter (Born — 8 May 1944) kent by his Mither and his Faither as Paul Francis Gadd is a fourmer seenger and intertainur. He is well-kent fur soangs sic as "Dae Yae Wahnt Tae Be In Ma Gang", an "Rock an Roll part Twae". Gairy goat himsel in a richt muckle when he went tae tak his computer machine intae a shop fur computers tae get it fixt. When wan ae the loons in the shoap was aboot tae tak it apart for repair, they fun sumthin oan his hard drive that wisnae supposed tae be there. They fun dodgy photaes ae bairns. Glitter wis appairently affrontit n got the jile. It tak' a wee meenit fir fowk tae tak in that Glitter wis a peedo. Glitter's cirrently still a peedo, an fur a while noo hes been daen maist ae his peedoing in fur awa countraes sic as Vietnam n Cambodia. He's noo back in Britain n fowk here arny tae chuffed that he micht start the peedo-ing. Foreby, he's oan that durty bastairt registur fur leef. Fur Glitter, its nae sae gud tae be back.