Galata Touer

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Galata Tower
Galata Kulesi
The Galata tower.jpg
The Galata Touer
Galata Touer is locatit in Istanbul
Galata Touer
Location in Istanbul
Coordinates41°01′32″N 28°58′27″E / 41.02556°N 28.97417°E / 41.02556; 28.97417Coordinates: 41°01′32″N 28°58′27″E / 41.02556°N 28.97417°E / 41.02556; 28.97417
LocationIstanbul, Turkey
Weenth16.54 m (54.3 ft)
Hicht66.9 m (219 ft)
Completion date1348 A.D.[1]

The Galata Touer (Galata Kulesi in Turkish) — cried Christea Turris (the Touer o Christ in Laitin) bi the Genoese — is a medieval stane touer in the Galata/Karaköy quarter o Istanbul, Turkey, juist tae the north o the Gowden Horn's junction wi the Bosphorus.

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