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GAZ-2705 GAZelle cargo van wi the restyled front end introduced in 2003

A GAZelle (Roushie: ГАЗе́ль) is a series o mid-sized trucks, vans an buses made bi Roushie caur manufacturer GAZ. GAZelles are similar tae the later launcht GAZ-2215/GAZ-2752 Sobol an GAZ-3310 Valdai line o vans an licht trucks. GAZelle, Sobol, an Valdai accoont for the majority o the Roushie van an licht truck market, an rank as GAZ's maist popular an successful products.

Models[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • GAZ-3302 dropside truck an chassis, rear-wheel drive, regular three-seat cab
  • GAZ-33021 dropside truck an chassis, improved, RWD
  • GAZ-33023 dropside truck an chassis, aw-wheel drive
  • GAZ-33027 dropside truck an chassis, sax-seat "King Cab" extendit cab, RWD
  • GAZ-330237 dropside truck an chassis, extendit cab, AWD
  • GAZ-3221 minibus, 8 seats, RWD
  • GAZ-32213 minibus, 13 seats, RWD
  • GAZ-322132 minibus, 13 seats (marshrutka, for shuttle services), RWD
  • GAZ-2705 cargo van, RWD
  • GAZ-27051 ambulance, RWD
  • GAZ-27052 Combi cargo van, extended cab, RWD
  • GAZ-27057 Combi cargo van, extended cab, AWD

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