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Gërdec is a veelage in Albanie, 11 kilometers north-wast o the caipital Tirana, pairt o the municipality Vorë. It wis the steid o the explosions at a militar base on 15 Mairch 2008, causin the daiths o mair nor 27 fowk an injurin ower 100.[1]

Defense Meenister Fatmir Mediu resigned, an the press reportit mony irregularities at the blast steid, operatit bi an Albanian company that deactivatit the kintra's agin ammunition an then sauld it for scrap. His alleged ties wi individuals such as Ephraim Diveroli an Damir Fazllic are unner investigation an awaitin trial.

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Coordinates: 41°25′N 19°38′E / 41.417°N 19.633°E / 41.417; 19.633