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Franz Schubert

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Oil pentin ofFranz Schubert bi Wilhelm August Rieder (1875), made frae his ain 1825 wattercolour portrait.
signature written in ink in a flowin script

Franz Peter Schubert (German pronunciation: [ˈfʁant͡s ˈʃuːbɐt]; 31 Januar 1797 – 19 November 1828) wis an Austrick componer o the late Clessical an early Romantic eras. Despite his short lifetime, Schubert left ahint a vast oeuvre, includin mair nor 600 secular vocal warks (mainly Lieder), seiven complete symphonies, saucrit muisic, operas, incidental muisic an a lairge bouk o piano an chaumer muisic. His major warks include the Piano Quintet in A major, D. 667 (Trout Quintet), the Symphony No. 8 in B minor, D. 759 (Unfeenished Symphony), the three last piano sonatas (D. 958–960), the opera Fierrabras (D. 796), the incidental muisic tae the play Rosamunde (D. 797), an the sang cycles Die schöne Müllerin (D. 795) an Winterreise (D. 911).

Born tae immigrant parents in the Himmelpfortgrund suburb o Vienna, Schubert's uncommon gifts for muisic war evident frae an early age. His faither gae him his first violin lessons an his aulder brither gae him pianae lessons, but Schubert suin exceedit thair abeelities. In 1808, at the age o eleiven, he becam a pupil at the Stadtkonvikt schuil, whaur he becam acquaintit wi the orchestral muisic o Haydn, Mozart, an Beethoven. He left the Stadtkonvikt at the end o 1813, an returned hame tae leeve wi his faither, whaur he begoud studyin tae acome a schuilteacher; despite this, he conteena'd his studies in composeetion wi Antonio Salieri an still componed proleefically. In 1821, Schubert was granted admission to the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde as a performing member, which helped establish his name amang the Viennese ceetizenry. He gae a concert o his awn warks tae creetical acclaim in Mairch 1828, the anerly time he did sae in his career. He dee'd aicht months later at the age o 31, possibly due tae typhoid fiver.

Appreciation o Schubert's muisic while he wis aleeve wis leemitit tae a relatively smaw circle o admirers in Vienna, but interest in his wark increased signeeficantly in the decades follaein his daith. Felix Mendelssohn, Robert Schumann, Franz Liszt, Johannes Brahms an ither 19t-century composers diskivert an championed his warks. The day, Schubert is ranked amang the greatest componers o the 19t century, and his muisic conteenas tae be popular.