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Frank Capra
Capra-signed 1930s.jpg
Capra during the 1930s
Born Francesco Rosario Capra
18 Mey 1897(1897-05-18)
Bisacquino, Sicily, Kinrick o Italy
Died 3 September 1991(1991-09-03) (aged 94)
La Quinta, Californie, Unitit States
Cause o daith
Heart failur
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Writer
Years active 1922–1961
  • Helen Howell (1923–1927)
  • Lu Capra (1932–1984; 4 children)

Frank Russell Capra (Mey 18, 1897 – September 3, 1991) wis an Italian-born American film director, producer an writer who wirked his way frae Los Angeles's Italian ghetto tae acome the creative force behind some o the major awaird-winnin films o the 1930s an 1940s. His rags-tae-riches story haes led film historians such as Ian Freer tae consider him the "American dream personified."[1]

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