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Mustang Boss 429
Manufacturer Ford
Production 1969–1970
Assembly Dearborn, Michigan
Ingine 429 cu in (7.030 l) 385 V8
Transmission 4-speed manual
Lenth 187.4 in (4,760 mm)
Weenth 71.7 in (1,821 mm)
Hicht 50.4 in (1,280 mm)
Crib wecht 3,870 lb (1,755 kg)

The Boss 429 is a hie performance Ford Mustang variant affered in 1969 an 1970.

Overview[eedit | eedit soorce]

A Boss 429 engine

The Boss 429 is arguably ane o the rarest an maist valued muscle caurs tae date. In total thare wur 858 oreeginal Boss 429s made. The oreegin o the Boss 429 comes aboot as a result o NASCAR. Ford wis seekin tae develop a Hemi ingine that coud compete wi the famed 426 Hemi frae Chrysler in NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series (then kent as "Grand National Division"). NASCAR's homologation rules required that at least 500 caurs be fittit wit this motor an sold tae the general public. Efter much consideration, it wis decided bi Ford that the Mustang woud be the caur that woud house this new ingine.

The Boss 429 ingine wis derived frae the Ford 385 ingine. The Mustang's body however wis no wide enough tae encompass the massive Boss 429 ingine an as a result, Ford hired Kar Kraft oot o Dearborn, Michigan tae modify existin 428 Cobra Jet Mach 1 Mustangs tae properly fit the new Boss 429 ingine. Kar Kraft wis contracted bi Ford tae create the Boss 429, because Ford wis stretchin itself thin across a number o projects. Kar Kraft at the time wis in the process o creatin the Trans-Am Boss 302. Production on the Boss 429 began in 1968 in Brighton, Michigan at Kar-Kraft's factory; the caurs wur transportit tae this plant directly frae the auto maker's plant an the work began. Kar Kraft made extensive modifications tae the Mustang, includin widenin the shock touers an extendit oot the inner fenders tae allou this massive ingine tae fit. The mounts for the front suspension wur chopped an displaced tae create room for the block an exhaust manifolds. Next the battery wis repositioned tae the trunk an a stiff sway bar wis addit tae rear end. In addition, a hole wis cut in the hood an a manual controlled hood scoop wis addit tae these caurs. These caurs wur ratit conservatively at 375 hp an 450 lb ft o torque. Actual ootput wis well over 500 hp. The manufacturers an dealers anerlie listed 375 hp because o legal issues an risin insurance costs.

Baith model years featured a toned doun exterior, as compared tae ither Mustangs o the era (see Boss 351, Boss 302, Mach 1), in that the anerlie external identification o the caur wur the Boss 429 decals on the front fenders, aft o the front tires. The rest o the caur featured a very clean look that wis atypical o maist Mustangs that Ford haed produced.

Tae show juist how special these caurs wur, they wur given special NASCAR identification that wis placed on the driver's side door. Each caur wis given a "KK" number which stood for Kar Kraft. KK #1201 wis the first Boss 429 an KK #2558 wis the last Boss 429 made.

Unfortunately sales startit tae drop off for the 1970 Boss 429 Mustangs an wi hichter production costs, gas costs, an ither internal Ford problems, it wis decidit that 1970 woul be the last year o the Boss 429.

In present day, these caurs ar hichtlie sought efter. As o 2008, auctions on eBay an at Barrett-Jackson hae brought bids o over $350,000.

1969 Model[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1969 there wur 859 Boss 429s made bi Ford Motor Company. 2 of which wur Cougars for Lincoln/Mercury Race Division. There wur five different colors available in 1969 (Raven Black, Wimbledon White, Royal Maroon, Candyapple Red, an Black Jade) an the anerlie color for the interior wis black. The hood scoop wis the same color as the caur. All these caurs wur a manual transmission an there wis nae air conditionin available due tae the size o the ingine.

1970 Model[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1970 there wur 499 Boss 429s made bi Ford Motor Company. There wur five new exterior colors (Grabber Orange, Grabber Green, Grabber Blue, Calypso Coral, an Pastel Blue) an the interior wis available in Black or White & Black. The hood scoops for this year wur all paintit matte black regardless o the color o the caur. These caurs also haed a manual transmission an nae AC wis available. The Hurst Shifter wis also standard equipment for this year.

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