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1951 Ford Custom Deluxe Tudor
1958 Ford Custom 300 Sedan

The Ford Custom is a caur model name that haes been usied bi the Ford Motor Company baith in the Unitit States an Canadae frae the 1930s tae 1972.

For the 1949 model year, the Custom nameplate wis uised for the top trim level in Ford's range o automobiles. For 1950 the name wis changed tae Custom Deluxe an then tae Customline for 1952 when it moved tae the midrange position between the new Mainline an Crestline models.

The Custom name returned for the 1957 model year alang wi a new Custom 300 series, these twa models sitting belaw the Fairlane an Fairlane 500. The Custom 300 became the base model for 1958, but wis dropped frae the range for 1960. The Custom name reappeared again for 1964 an the Custom 500 nameplate made its debut the same year. While the Custom 500 wis a slight step up, the Custom wis again the stripped, no-frills trim level o the full-sized Fords. Maist Customs wur sold tae police an taxi fleets durin the 1960s, although anyane who wanted basic, no-frills transportation wi the convenience o a full-sized caur coud purchase ane.

The Ford Custom an Custom 500 nameplates wur dropped efter the 1972 model year, although the Custom 500 wis revived in 1975 an sold primarily tae taxi, police, an fire fleet customers.

Australien production[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Ford Custom wis also produced in Australie frae 1949 tae 1952, offered as the Fordor an the Utility. The former was a 4 door sedan an the latter a 2 door coupe utility developed bi Ford Australie. Australien content on the locally produced Custom haed reached 80% bi 1950.<

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