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Florimond Claude, Coont o Mercy-Argenteau

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Florimond Claude
Coont o Mercy-Argenteau
Full name
Florimond Claude von Mercy-Argenteau
Born20 Aprile 1727
Liège, Belgium
Dee'd25 August 1794 (aged 67)
Lunnon, UK
FaitherAntoine Ignace de Mercy-d'Argenteau

Florimond Claude, Coont o Mercy-Argenteau (20 Aprile 1727 – 25 August 1794) wis an Austrick diplomat. He wis the Austrick Ambassador tae Fraunce an wis ambassador tae the Kinrick o Sardinie o Keeng Charles Emmanuel III o Sardinie, in Saunt Petersburg at the coort o Catherine the Great, an then Paris at the coort o Keeng Louis XV o in 1766. He wis involved with the mairiage o Airchduchess Maria Antonia o Austrick (future Marie Antoinette), hersel a dochter o Empress Maria Theresa) an Louis Auguste o Fraunce, Dauphin o Fraunce (future Louis XVI). In Fraunce he wis kent as the comte de Mercy-Argenteau. He constructit the Hôtel de Mercy-Argenteau in Paris in 1778.