Fleein saucer

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An alleged fleein saucer seen ower Passoria, New Jersey in 1952.

Fleein saucer is the name gien tae a kynd o unidentified fleein object (UFO) wi a disc- or saucer-shapet body, usually described as siller or metallic, whiles reported as happit wi runnin lichts or surrounded wi a glowin licht, hoverin or muivin swippert aither alane or in ticht formations wi ither seemilar craft, an exhibitin heich maneuverability.

Awtho disc-shapet fleein objects hae been interpreted as recorded whiles syne the Middle Ages, the first heichly publicized sightin bi Kenneth Arnold on Juin 24, 1947, resulted in the makkin o the term bi U.S. newspapers. Awtho Arnold niver specifically uised the term "fleein saucer", he wis quotit at the time sayin the shape o the objects he saw wis lik a "saucer", "disc", or "pie-plat", an severals year efter addit he hae also said "the objects flittit like saucers skippin athort the watter." Baith the terms "fleein saucer" an "fleein disc" war uised for common an for interchangeable in the media until the early 1950s.