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Fir Pairk Stadium
Location Mitherwall, Scotland
Ainer The Mitherwall Fitbaa & Athletic Club Ltd.
Airchitect Unknown/Bill Dickie (Davie Cooper Stand & South Stand)
Capacity 13,742
Mitherwall F.C.

Fir Pairk Stadium is a fitbaa stadium funnd in Mitherwall, Scotland. It is uised by Mitherwall F.C. for playin thair hame gemmes in the Scottish Premier League an in ither European an domestic tournaments as requeert. It haes a capacity o 13,742, but recordit its heichest attaindance (35,632) in a 1952 Scots Cup gemme agin Rangers[1].

Fir Pairk wis oreeginally opent in 1895 an haes been devailoppit ower a lang time, giein the stadium an its staunds an awfy ill-balancit louk as the're ane muckle stand an three wee-er anes. The Davie Cooper staund an the Sooth staund were baith designt by the Scots architect, Bill Dickie, an are well kennt for haein the advertisin o the clubs sponsors shewn on them. Up til recent times, these uiss tae chynge ony time the clubs sponsors chynged, houaniver nouadays the advertisin richts are sellt separately[2].

The stadium wis rentit in the 2007–2008 season by Gretna wha spielt aw but ane o thair hame gemmes there as weel as thair European gemmes that season.

Early history[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1895, the Laird Hamilton giftit the newly furmit Mitherwell Fitbaa Club a wee bittie o land at the North end o his Dalziel estate that was tae be uised as a fitbaa pitch by the team. The first gemme spielt there wis an 8–1 loss tae a visitin Celtic. Houaniver later on the same year, seein that the club haed creatit a grunnd as sic statur, the SFA alloued the pairk tae host an international gemme atween Scotland an Wales. In preparation, the terracin wis expandit tae allou a heicher capacity an a croud o aboot 7,000 cheert the Scots tae a 5–2 veectory ower the Welsh veesitors. The first aiver radio commentary wis broadcast frae Fir Pairk in 1936

In the follaein period, Fir Pairk wis privy tae mony record brekin seasons. The maist notable o these wis the settin o the record for the maist goals in ony single season - 52 by Willie McFadyen in 1932. It wis, forby, the site o Celtic's biggest aiver defeat tae date, an 8–0 veectory for the hame side[3].

Major developments and staunds[eedit | eedit soorce]

Phil O'Donnell Staund[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Phil O'Donell Staund is the auldest staund still staunin at Fir Pairk. It wis oreeginally built in 1962 an wis at that time kennt as the Main Staund. The name wis chynged to honor Mitherwall hero, Phil O'Donnell, who died while playin at Fir Pairk.

The structur o the staund is by-ordinar in that it haes remaint incomplete sin it was errectit. The steel girder at the tap an front o the staund rins the full lenth o the pitch whauras the actual bouk o the staund is anely aboot twa thirds o that. This wis due tae a dispute at the time o construction atween the club an a local hame owner. In the end, the club lost this dispute an the staund wis naiver completit.

The fascia wis updatit whan the Sooth Staund an the Davie Cooper Staund were built tae gie it a mare modern leuk in keepin wae the rest ae the stadium. The staund hooses twa o the main suites: the Centenary Suite an the Millenium Suite, as weel as a roof-mountit gantry for television cameras an press facilities.

Sooth Staund[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Sooth Staund is the lairgest ae the staunds. Built in 1992, it is spread ower twa tiers that hae a row o corporate boxes rinnin atween them. This staund is ordinar designatit for awa supporters, but can aye be uised tae hoose hame fans when there's expectit tae be a lairger than normal awa support.

East Staund[eedit | eedit soorce]

The East Staund wis oreeginally an aurie o open terracin but wis eventually covert an made aw seatin in 1991 tae bring it up tae the staundert expectit by the Taylor Report. It is kennt for bein hame tae the maist devotit o Mitherwall fans: them that like a guid shout. The fascia abuin the staund is famous for shewin the NHS Scotland slogan, "KEEP CIGARETTES AWAY FROM THE MATCH".

Davie Cooper Staund[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Davie Cooper Staund wis completit in 1995 an is hame tae the club shap, as weel as ane o the main suites: the aptly named Davie Cooper Suite. Forby, it hooses a few hospitality boxes an is o a seemilar design tae the Sooth Staund appairt fae the fact that it haes anely ane tier. It wis named for Mitherwall legend, Davie Cooper.

Future developments[eedit | eedit soorce]

There's been some speculation in recent times aboot faurder development o the stadium. As ane o the ootcomes o the club's AGM in 2008, they let it be kennt that they were conseederin a faurder development o the current stadium or perhaps flitin tae a new location in the langer term. Houaniver, the board did also say that the flitin widna be within the next 5-10 year. Faurder speculation by fans raither than the club itsel suggests that a renovation is the mare likely option seein as the club haes awready spent so much on fireproofing an that.

Ony future flitin is expectit by maist fans tae be to the new Ravenscraig development juist tae the wast o the current location. Some nummer o the club's supporters dinna want the club tae flit as they think a new pairk wad lack the chairacter an the history o Fir Park.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]