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Fey mey refer tae:

  • A wird meanin "wild or crazy actin", aften ascribit tae supernatural causes an evidencit bi abnormal behavior (cognate tae Auld Norse feigr, German feige). In Scots superstition, supernatural abilities such as prophecy (no necessarily relatit tae dyin or daith).
  • A common spellin for fay ("a fairy"), unrelatit tae the previous.
  • A fairly rare term for "grey" in heraldic hatchin.
  • A German or Erse name foond as baith a first an last name.
  • Tina Fey (born 1970), American writer, comedian an actress.


  • Fey, Swisserland, a municipality in the destrict o Echallens in the canton o Vaud.
  • Féy, Moselle, a sma veelage, locatit in the Moselle département in Fraunce.

Popular cultur:

  • Fey (born María Fernanda Blásquez Gil in 1973), Latin Grammy Award-nominated Mexican pop airtist.
  • Fey (album), eponymous debut album o Mexican pop sangster Fey, released in 1995.

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