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Ferrari 159 S

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Ferrari 159 S
2 producit
DesignerGioacchino Colombo
Bouk an chassis
ClessSports caur
LayootFR layoot
Ingine1.9 L (1903 cc) Colombo V12
Transmission5-speed + reverse
Wheelbase2,420 mm (95.3 in)
Crib wecht750 kg (1,653 lb)
PredecessorFerrari 125 S
SuccessorFerrari 166 S

The 159 S wis designed tae be the successor tae Ferrari's first vehicle, the 125. Unlik its predecessor, which won sax o 14 races earlier in 1947, the 159 haed a short racin life an wis quickly convertit intae the 166 SC for the follaein racin saison.

Lik the 125, the 159 uised a steel tube-frame chassis wi langitudinal an cross members an haed a double wishbone suspension wi transverse leaf springs in front wi a live axle in the rear. Housomeivver, Gioacchino Colombo's V12 ingine wis enlairged frae 1.5 L (1497 cc/91 in³) in the 125 tae 1.9 L (1903 cc/116 in³) for the 159. This ingine produced 125 hp (93 kW) at 7,000 rpm, retainin the three double-choke Weber 30DCF carburettors o its predecessor. Baith caurs sportit five-speed manual transmissions an retained the Fiat tradeetion o mountin the ingine in-block wi the gearbox.

Examples[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ane Ferrari 159 wis biggit 002C. The auldest Ferrari caur still in existence wi an undisputit pedigree is a 166 Spyder Corsa nummer 002C, which wis oreeginally a 159 an is currently awned an driven bi James Glickenhaus.

Racin[eedit | eedit soorce]

The 159 S debuted on August 15, 1947 at the Circuito di Pescara wi the company's driver, Franco Cortese. Awtho it led oweraw for a time, the class-winnin 159 S eventually fell ahint the Stanguellini o Vincenzo Auricchio. Lik the 125, the 159 S wis unable tae beat Maserati's 6CS 1500 for muckle o the rest o the 1947 saison. Housomeivver, at the Turin Grand Prix on October 12, the caur wis able tae shine, wi French driver Raymond Sommer claimin oweraw victory in the single 159 S entered.