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FedEx Corporation
Type Public
Tradit as NYSEFDX
S&P 500 Component
Industry Courier
Foondit Little Rock, Arkansas (1973)
as Federal Express Corporation
Foonder(s) Frederick W. Smith
Heidquarters Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.
Aurie served Warldwide
Key fowk Frederick W. Smith
(Chairman, Preses & CEO)
Products Post delivery, express mail,
freicht forwardin,
third-pairty logistics
Revenue Increase US$ 42.7 billion (2012)[1]
Operatin income Increase US$ 3.19 billion (2012)[1]
Net income Increase US$ 2.03 billion (2012)[1]
Tot assets Increase US$ 29.9 billion (2012)[1]
Total equity Increase US$ 17.1 billion (2012)[1]
Employees 300,000 (2012)[1]
Subsidiaries Office, Express, Ground, Freight,
Custom Critical, Supply Chain,
Trade Networks, Services

FedEx Corporation is an American global courier delivery services company heidquartert in Memphis, Tennessee.[2] The name "FedEx" is a syllabic abbreviation o the name o the company's oreeginal air diveesion, Federal Express, which wis uised frae 1973 till 2000.

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