FC Seoul

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FC Seoul
FC 서울
Full nameFootball Club Seoul
Foondit22 December 1983; 36 years ago (22 December 1983), as Lucky-Goldstar FC[1]
GroundSeoul World Cup Stadium
Ground Capacity66,704[2]
AwnerGS Group
ChairmanHuh Chang-soo
ManagerChoi Yong-soo
LeagueK League Classic
WabsteidClub wabsteid
Current saison

FC Seoul (Korean: FC 서울) is a Sooth Korean profeesional fitbaw club based in Seoul, Sooth Korea, that plays in the K League Classic. It is currently awned bi GS Sports, a subsidiar o GS Group.

The club wis offeecially foondit as Lucky-Goldstar FC in 1983, bi the Lucky-Goldstar Group. FC Seoul hae wan 5 League titles, 2 League Cups an 1 FA Cup. FC Seoul is ane o the maist successful an the maist popular club an in the K League Classic, wi financial backin frae the GS Group.[3] An aw, 2012, FC Seoul wis evaluatit that club haed maist valuable fitbaw buists in K League Classic.[4][5]

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