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Federal Bureau o Investigation

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The Federal Bureau o Investigation (FBI) is a govrenmental agency belangin tae the Unitit States Depairtment o Justice that serves as baith a federal criminal investigative body an an internal intelligence agency (coonterintelligence). An aenment agency responsible for investigatin crimes on Hamespun American reservations in the Unitit States[1] unner the Major Crimes Act. The FBI haes investigative jurisdiction ower violations o mair nor 200 categories o federal crime.[2]

The bureau wis established in 1908 as the Bureau o Investigation (BOI). Its name wis chynged tae the Federal Bureau o Investigation (FBI) in 1935. The FBI heidquarters is the J. Edgar Hoover Biggin, locatit in Washington, D.C. The bureau has fifty-sax field offices locatit in major ceeties throughoot the Unitit States, an mair nor 400 resident agencies in lesser ceeties an auries athort the naition. Mair nor 50 internaitional offices cried "legal attachés" exist in U.S. embassies an consulates general warldwide.


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